Monday, February 22, 2010

A teaser ;) Tatiana & Alexander

While reading Tatiana and Alexander I have already stumbled across so many parts that present such an amazing teasers for all of you who haven't got a chance to read the book! And I'm on page 121 only! So it means that I still have more than 400 pages of pleasure! Weeee...!
What I love so much about Paullinas' writing, is that she manages to write sentences that easily engrave in your brain and you'll spend a day or two craving to read them again and again, here is a part of Tatiana And Alexander that kept me mesmerized, unable to stop my tears. I couldn't consider this a spoiler, but if you're in the beginning of the 1st book, maybe you should skip reading.
Anyhow, here you go:

As Stepanov turned to go, Alexander said, "Sir..." He was so weak he almost couldn't get the words out. He didn't care how cold the wall was, he could not stand on his own anymore. He pressed his body against the icy concrete and then sank down to the floor. "Did you see her?"
He lifted his gaze to Stepanov, who nodded.
"How was she?"

"Don't ask, Alexander."
"Was she-"
"Don't ask."
"Tell me."
"Do you remember when you brought my son back to me?" Stepanov asked, trying to keep his voice from breaking. "Because of you I had comfort. I was able to see him before he died, I was able to bury him."
"All right, no more," said Alexander.

"Who was going to give that comfort to your wife?"
Alexander put his face into his hands.
Stepanov left.
Alexander sat motionlessly on the floor. He didn't need morphine, he didn't need drugs, he didn't need phenobarbital. He needed a bullet in his fucking chest.

By the way, I have to agree with some reviewers that said that Tatiana And Alexander stands for its own, I mean, for you to understand the story line you don't need to read The Bronze Horseman before Tatiana And Alexander, but for you to enjoy the book as much as possible, I highly recommend you do.

Back to reading!
Love, love and love,

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Could it be, could it be?!

OH! Yes! It could!!!
I have found it, and guess where? At that store I first bought The Bronze Horseman! I wonder why I didn't check there from the start...
I couldn't stop reading all the way from the mall and so I managed to get a headache despite this perfect sunny cool day.
I want to share something with you, a quote so beautifully heartbreaking from the very first ten pages of the book:
"Tatiana struggled up from the bench. Walking away, she said in Russian, "It's not the ice anymore, my seagoing philosopher. It's the pyre"

I don't know why I end up almost crying every time I read this sentence.
Anyhow, I just thought I should share this great news with you, who had suffered my bitterness throughout the past couple posts.

Have a good time reading, I know I will!
Love, love and love,

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How do you choose a book?

I called the book store from which I have ordered Tatiana And Alexander about a week ago, and guess what? They're sorry they haven't called me yet, because they found out they didn't have the book any longer.


I hate Murphy law! What am I supposed to do now? Well, apparently, I still have three other options;
* To look for the book in another book store.
* To order the book from another book store, in case they didn't have it.
* To wait for this summer, when I might get a chance to visit London again, who knows? I might find it in one of London's book stores, right?

And for this posts' topic, how do you choose a book?
Throughout my-not-so-long career as a book lover I have tried many ways for choosing a book, ones I have found to be very much efficient, others less effective.

1. When I have just discovered that reading books appeals a lot to me I started looking for some book reviews in some Internet pages (I still do that, frankly)
Actually I bought my 1st book after I came across a review at a web page. By looking for some book reviews, you can expose yourself to an overwhelming amount of books.

2. I used to get some books from relatives and friends, I cannot say that it's my favorite way to choose a book to read, I mean, no one is better than yourself to pick a book for you to read. It's a nice gesture, I do not complain but in my opinion a book is something that is going to leave an impact on you, something that is going to accompany you in your spare time, and I have had some bad experiences with books I got as a gift.
Books I have chosen this way:
My Sisters' Keeper - Jodi Picoult
The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown
Prep - Curtis Sittenfeld
The Island - Victoria Hislop

3. A way I use a lot to select a book, is to look for some new movies. When I hear about a movie that is based on a bestseller book I like to check the book first. It has became an obsession of my own, because I like to brake the myth that people usually prefer watching a movie instead of reading the book that the movie is based on.
Books I have chosen this way:
The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger
Girl With A Pearl Earring - Tracy Chevalier
Revolutionary Road - Richard Yates

4. Reading tasks. When I was still a high school student (Wow, I write it as if some decades have passed since my senior year! Which was in 2009!!!) teachers have used to decide which book students must read for a reading assignment. From my experience, this way does not work, I never finished a book I was obligated to read. I guess it's derived from the fact that I hate being told what to do.
Books I have "chosen" this way:
The Turn Of The Screw - Henry James
Pride And Prejudice - Jane Austen

5. A way that has never let me down, is to go to a book store/library and simply, to pick whatever I like, it's my personal favorite way because this is how I got to read The Bronze Horseman, which is a book I will never be able to get over its' characters and plot, it's a book I will never quit re-reading at night.
Books I have chosen this way:
The Bronze Horseman - Paullina Simons
The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold
Message In A Bottle - Nicholas Sparks
The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks

Now, it's your turn, how do you choose a book?
Have a great day,

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel

Today I lost the last hope of finding that slippery book - the last book store in the nearby also didn't have Tatiana And Alexander.
So I did what I should have done two weeks ago; I ordered the book from the store. It might take a week or so to get to the store and then they'll call with the great news.
Now I have to be satisfied with The Da Vinci Code, that's all I got for now. It's official; I have managed to develop a severe obsession to The Bronze Horseman trilogy, every other book is dull in my opinion and I won't be able to enjoy it not until I read the other two books of the trilogy. (Tatiana And Alexander, The Summer Garden)

May time move fast so this week will pass quickly!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A second life?

I stumbled across a sentence mentioning that reading a book is like leading a second life, I couldn't but to agree with this saying, I nodded and thought 'Completely!'! I believe that while reading, (of course if the book is well-written and captivating) you are thrown to the lives of the characters being able to live the story with them and experience whatever they might.
But the question that has immediately popped in my brain was: 'Could I ever say it's a top secret life? A kind of life I want to keep for myself?' because hey, isn't what a Second Life is all about?

For me reading is not perfect without being able to annoy my little sister with the plot (Hey, isn't that the job of a little sister?!) When I'm excited with a book, or if I'm simply reading, everyone in the house knows that. Without paying attention I would tell my Mom what book I'm reading and what it talks about, my dad would sneak to my room and check what book is laying besides my bed. Actually, sometimes I read out loud for my sister who can't manage to hold a book because she's too lazy.

Reading a book is comparable with having a second life. For me, it's a life I love to share with my family, friends and Internet fellows. It's a life full of adventures and excitement I wouldn't dare to give up.

Tatiana And Alexander; hold still, I'll be coming very soon!
See you soon,